Friday, July 30, 2010


Yes, my mom knows she has been missing in action lately ... I guess us kiddos keep her a bit too busy for posting pictures to blogs these days ... but she thought it might be fun to sum up July with some pictures of what we've done this month:

We've watched lots of baseball (because my big brother Gus plays baseball) and we've eaten lots of ice cream too (because daddy and papa love ice cream on a warm day)

My cousins enjoyed eating some ice cream too.

It was a fun day when Mommy and her friend Marcia decided to take us to the Mall of Anerica and UnderWaterWorld ... it was 5 boys and me (plus Mommy and Marcia)

On July 16th my mom decided that I should get my third hair cut, and it went pretty well:

Should probably add that the bandaid on my forhead was not a real injury ... I really like stickers and bandaids and tend to where several a day. Oh, and my brothers got hair cuts at the same time I did.

Here we are after haircuts and showers, all ready for bed

We had a great time one Sunday afternoon, when we met Grandma and Papa and Ann and Phil and Zach and Joey at Lake Waconia and played on the jetski:

Mary watching for her daddy and her Gussy on the jetski:

Zeke did not want a real ride on the jetski but he had fun playing on it with his cousins

Zeke and Joe had fun watching Owen ride on the Jetski:

Mary had tons of fun getting Papa to play with her:

Mommy had Gus take this picture just to prove she was there:

After fun at the beach we got to go pick up my big sister who was gone for a whole week on a mission trip. Missed her soooooo much!

We enjoyed a few days at Lake Marion: